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    24. nóvember, 2009 SR-Björninn 1-6

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    Women - Regulations



    All teams-participants of the tournament are divided into 2 divisions:
    "EAST-REC" DIVISION (A level-recreational)
    "WEST-REC" DIVISION (A level-recreational)
    In Divisions "EAST-REC" and "WEST-REC" all games are to be played in Round Robin set up. After that Play-Off games are to be played between both divisions. The winner of the Final game becomes the winner of the tournament on - A Level Recreational.

    Each team will play a minimum of 4 games.
    All round robin games will be two periods of twenty five minutes running time.
    3. There are no warm-ups.
    4. Each team should be ready 10 minutes prior to their scheduled start times without any advanced warning.
    5. Minor penalties will be 2 minutes and Major penalties will be 5 minutes. The time does not stop to set up the penalty on the clock.
    6. There will be no red line rule, therefore, 2 line passes will be permitted
    7. The touch-up offsides rule will be used.
    8. No timeouts are allowed.
    9. No protests will be accepted.
    A player must participate in at least 2 (two) games during the round robin portion of the tournament to be eligible for the playoff round.
    11. The ice will resurfaced every 75 minutes of playing time.

    Tie brakers:
    1. Head-to-Head
    2. Most games won
    3. Best goal differents
    4. Least goals against
    5. Most goals for
    6. Least penalty minutes during the tournament

    Please, read carefully:
    Respect the referees at all times, should you have a situation you would like to discuss concerning a particular individual, we have appointed a referee in chief who is available to you, he does not have the power to change a referees decision. However, we have advised our refereeing staff to treat coaches with respect and they will expect the same in return. They will not exercise any patience when being sworn, screamed or gestured at.

    The committee reserves itself the final word on the interpretation of the rules.

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